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Junkers G 24, K 30 and G 31
Three-engined Transport/Bomber

21.6 x 27.9 cm, 192 pages, hard covers
Hundreds of photos, maps, tables and listings. Many colour profiles. In English.
EAM Books 1 December 2016

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List of contents
Design and Production - A leap into the unknown
Bomber Development - Search for a compromise
The Larger G 31 - Few in number, big reputation
Home Market - Leading the way
Flight into Uncharted Territory - A challenge met
Secret Experiments - Circumventing restrictions
Red Bombers - Meeting tough requirements
Northern Flight - Partnerships for success
Alpine High-flyers - Up and away
Iberian Experiment - A changing landscape
Flying East - A sluggish start
Southern Cone - Accessing a difficult market
Gold Rush - Supply line without equal

G 24/K 30 Production - Three-engined pioneers
G 31 Production - A place in history
G 24/K 30/G 31 Operators - A wide distribution
Performance Parameters - Stepping stone to success
G 24/K 30 World Records - Far and fast
G 24/K 30/G 31 Airmail - Stamp of Distinction
Identification - Flying colours (Colour profiles)


Junkers G 24, K 30 and G 31