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Ever heard of a Mexican Junkers Ju 52?
© Lennart Andersson

The Mexican Ju 52/3m story is perhaps one of the least known and also one of the strangest. Mysterious dealings surrounded the whole affair and Junkers was perhaps relieved when the Second World War broke out and the Mexican contract was cancelled.

On 13 June 1939 William Rhodes Davis of the Davis Oil Company, Inc, Oklahoma, signed a contract with Junkers in New York. He had decided to purchase two Ju 52/3m freight and passenger transports with seven benches in the cabin for two passengers each. Standard 760hp BMW 132 engines were specified and the aircraft were to have a 190 x 100 cm roof hatch and a 180 x 125 cm cargo opening in the fuselage side. USD 79.000 was to be paid for each. In addition, a third aircraft, a 'de Luxe' version was ordered, which was intended for private use with eight comfortable armchairs in two compartments, convertible into four beds, and four tables. In addition it was to be fitted with refrigerated receptacles, radio with loudspeakers, internal telephone system, toilet and extra fuel tanks. With all extra equipment Davis paid USD 102,000 for this aircraft. The aircraft were to be ready in Dessau in August and October 1939 for shipment to Mexico.

A separate agreement was made that specified USD 7,000 of special equipment. This consisted of a dorsal machine gun stand and a retractable ventral turret, both with Rheinmetall-Borsig ST 61 (MG 15) machine guns, two DSAC 250/VIII bomb racks and a Goerz GV 219 bombsight! The armament was to be shipped separately. One can only ponder over for what purpose this armament was intended.

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